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Our trip to Prague
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During our way to Prague we break our trip in a small town – the name I have forgotten, because there was nothing to see. Only what interested me was the Barbara’s church. It was very big and old. We tried to com in, but it was closed. After this we went to a small restaurant and we bought an ice cream there.Later we did a small trip around this town. We jumped into our car and we continued our trip. The way was very long and boring. Finally, after three hours we arrived into Prague. We went to the Down town and visited Orloj. There was lot of of tourists from various countries. We were happy, when we came, it was five minutes to fourteen and we have seen all, what Orloj usual does.Later we went through Prašná brána. The gate is situated near the metro station. Also we took there a subway. Prague’s subway is very modern and fast. Next day we went to Karlštejn. It is near Prague. It was short and fast way. When we arrived there, we should walk because there is not regular communication from car park to the castle. Roughly in middle of this way is a restaurant. Behind the restaurant is a big statue of Golem. Golem is a big milestone of Czech history. It is a big figure, made by Rabin. He has got an idea that in normal substance is huge energy. According this idea he made from pure clay big figure. Using secret sciences he gave the figure life and power. Golem was very famous, I liked it. We continued. When we arrived at the castle, we bought tickets and made roundtrip. After this we went to our hotel.On third day we went to the city. We visited Hradčany. We have seen whole Prague castle. We have seen lots of interesting things there. We met two women with toilets. It was funny but I was very confused, who needs it. They sold some food and when somebody wanted go to toilet, could make it. The roundtrip was so long, that on end I was very tired and sleepy. Anyway we shall take subway and long escalator.On fourth day we went at home. We packed our luggage and jump to car. Long and boring way was before us. After four hours we were at home.So, it was our trip to Prague…

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