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History of my country


In the seventh century when the iron age began Celts came to our country. They were a first historical famous nation. They had attacked to Roman empire. They productioted iron, weapons, clothes and coins.

After Celts the Markomans and Kvads came to our country. They were tribes from Germany. They fought with Romans often. But in 6 AD the Duke of Germany became rerconciled with the Duke of Roman empire. The Romans and emperor Augustus protectioned own frontiers because the Kvads had attacked the country.

In fourth century the Huns has attacked to Roman empire and Romans was reduce. In fifth century the first Slovain came to our country. They stayed between the rivers Visla and Dneper. In sixth and seventh century the Avars came to our country.

In 623 AD the trader Samo founded a Samo's empire. At the battle of Wogasticburg he defeated Avars and Franks. He was a Duke for 35 years and in 658 AD he died. When he died his empire was disintegrated.

In ninth century Mojmir was Duke of Moravia and Pribina was a Duke of Nitra.I n 833 AD the Great Moravia was founded ond in 863 AD the Konstantin and Metod came to Moravia. They brought a script-Hlaholik. They were important for development Slovak culture, politic and education in language which everybody understand. After, the Svatopluk became a Duke og Great Moravia.

After Moravia the Uhorsko was founded. Bratislava was a capital city of Uhorsko.

Later, Czechoslovakia was founded. People wanted a standart Slovak language and Ludovit Stur enacted a standart language.

First of January 1993 the Slovak republic was annouced.

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