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Extravagant man
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I think that extravagant man is almost everybody. Everybody is extravagant in something.

But you want me to write about extravagant man as I imagine him. I believe this man is like this: his or her's clothes are very different as clothes of an ordinary man. This man wears colourful clothes, weird hats, funny sunglasses and even funnier shoes.

Also this man's behaviour is very unlike of normal behaviour. When you see his expressions you would think he is a loony, but he is fully aware how you and other people take him in.

He likes to be the point of interest, literally he is enjoying it. Thats why is he or she wearing, acting, speaking, maybe walking in his extravagant way.

The most extravagant man in this world is Oscar Wild. His clothes, cars, houses, parties, friends... everything in his life is extravagant.

It is lifestyle that makes people happy and feel good. It is lifestyle that makes people feel like someone. Just look at Einstein's most known photo where he is sitting in car. He has funny face and his hair... thats something extravagant for me.

There appears something nobly wild and extravagant in great natural geniuses. --Addison.

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