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Weekend without shopping is no fun
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Last Saturday I woke up at 8am, and after I ate breakfast and put on some clothes, I went for shopping. This activity should be called my weekly routine, and I cannot imagine my weekend, especially Saturday without shopping. I like to spend my time like this, not only that I might meet my friends from school but also I may buy much new stuff as well. I love to shop with my mum for clothes and shoes, books, groceries and so on. We usually spend hours and hours shopping in different shopping centers. My all time favorite one is hypermarket called Hypernova because we can buy all goods under one roof and safe lot of money. I do not have a favorite shop; I just like to shop in general. I cannot imagine that I would be sitting at home and my parents would go to shops without me. I know that this is a little bit strange, but I love to drive shopping cart. It is so much fun! I cannot compare watching TV to shopping. Shopping is more fun and a weekend without shopping is boring.
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