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Many people like travelling because it is a good way to learn about life. They understand that there are many ways of living and their own culture is not necessararily better than other cultures. Many people prefer staying at the seaside, lying on the beach getting a suntan, while others are interested in local traditions, history and culture and like talking to local people. Many tourists like to practise a foreign language, they have learnt in their home country, so they try spend as much time as possible using other languages that the locals speak.

The way you spend your holidays depends on money if you have a lots of money you can afford an expensive holiday using all the services by a travel agency. On the other hand, many people cannot their own, staying at a campground or bungalow free want enjoy holiday. Tourists usually travel with their families or friends. Without transport the human race would not be able to travel asi t does today. The dominant form of transport 20 century was car. Even now, in 21st century the roads of most cities. But a large number, which is much cleaner and more effecient machine – the bicycle. Before air travel was possible, people used to travel long distances by sea. For closer destinations, people usually travel by train or bus. Even though the prices of train tickets are higher than bus ticket, and have advantages and disadvantages. If you travel by train at night, you can sleep in a sleeper car. Some women prefer travelling by bus because they are safer.

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