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My School and My dream school
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My school

My school is quite big and someone calls it a labyrinth.. Our school has two buildings .The first one is quite small. The second building has four floors and most of the classrooms are placed there.

There are many students here so there must be many classrooms . Many of them are specialized, for example chemistry or physics classrooms , which have their own laboratories too. There are also two gyms where we have physical education and where many school tournaments are organized. One of them is the largest one in Martin.If we need to lend some books , we can use our school library. If I have to name one unique thing about our school, it would be our observatory.

Many students are boarding in our school canteen and if you want to buy something for lunch, you can buy it in our school bufet or in machine but the machine is usually broken.

There are several negatives in our school . I think, more radiators need to be placed here , because the school building is very cold.Windows need to be repared too.

My dream school

Ideal school for me would be somewhere in nature, it could be in castle. I would like to go to school by school bus.

I would like to go to the international school where would I meet students from different countries.. We would study only subjects that we have chosen . Lessons would be short and creative and we would have a lot of time between lessons.

There would be organized many activities for students such as sport events, some competitions in various subjects, have some historical or artistic excursions to another cities and more trips.We would have swimming pool and place for horse riding, where could we go after the school.
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