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Music in my life
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Music is very important part of my life. Music is important not only for me. I don’t know man, who doesn’t like music.

My life has been connected with music since my childhood. When I was 2 and I could speak I sang. My parents, especially my father taught me children’s songs and singing made me fun. My father can play guitar so he played and I sang. When I was 5 or 6 my parents bought me a small pink piano with only 10 keys. My father wrote numbers on the keys from 1 to 10, so number 1 was note “c”, number 2 was note “d” etc. Then he wrote on the paper numbers which meant notes. So I played my first songs. Then when I was 8 I started going to hours of piano. I stopped with them 3 years ago. Now I sometimes play piano but not very often. When I’m playing I’m relaxing. I try play guitar and my father helps me. He shows me some basic chords. When I was little I liked singing and I was a member of school’s choral. I thought that I could sing but now I know that I can’t sing.

Music is the way of expression of feelings. Through melody and lyrics composers and interpreters can express happiness, sadness, love, relationships, hatred… In the past music has been developed. Now we have many styles of music and musical instruments for example piano, guitar, violin, bass, clarinet, pipe, saxophone, drums, organ, harmonica…

Music divides up many styles. For example soul, r n b, rock, metal, pop, classic, folk, country, reggae, ska, rock n roll, jazz, techno house, punk, rap, funky. I like many of them, mainly soul, rock, r n b, rock n roll, jazz and funky. Especially I like Slovak and old music I don’t like techno, house, metal and dance pop like Lobo, Karma or Colonia. My favorite interpreters or groups are Robbie Williams, Guns n Roses, Zuzana Smatanová, IMT Smile, Alicia Keys……

We can listen to music in the radio. In the Slovakia there are many private radios which play modern popular music for example Fun radio, Radio FM, Jemné melódie, Radio Okey... My favourite is FUN.

Song can be recorded mainly on the CDs. It is very important supporting artists and buying original albums but now many people burns CDs, make or download MP3s from internet. We have CD players, mp3 players, discman, or PCs to listen to music.

Many people like dancing. They go to discos or techno parties. I don’t, but I like going to concerts. There are many people who dance professionally. They can dance waltz, tango, samba, rumba, rock and roll, polonaise, polka, charleston…

People who make music and artists are very necessary. There are very popular. The most famous from the past are Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, Schubert, and Chopin then The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Luis Armstrong, Let Zeppelin, Queen and now Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2

Music makes us happier, gets better our mood and helps us when we are sad.
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