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The aim of this report is to recommend ways in which our language school can make improvements to the general appearance.


I have discussed about the task with students, teachers and visitors and everybody of them helped me to make a list of changes or improvements which will make our school warmer and welcoming.

1, First of all the receptionist must change her way of communication. She often influence people by her pessimistic and angry mood and that can spoil first impression from school.
2, We should cancel some classrooms which are very smalll and badly lit. Our students feel there like they are fishes in the tin - there is no place to working and learning. It is uncomfortable.
3, Invest more in the Gymnasium! All of the classrooms are well equipped with learning aids but sport aids are old or broken. We have to do more for sport development of our students.


All of these recommendations would be popular with young visitors from abroad.

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