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Kylie Minogue - concert review
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On Saturday on the 11th of November, enormous amount of people (mainly yonger people) went to the Sydney Entertainment Centre to see princess of pop music, Kylie Mnogue. This Australian singer interrupted her Showgirl Homecoming Tour to Australia for cancer of breast in May 2005 and now she is finishing it.

Some fans kept tickets from the concert like manifestation of their faith to her restoration. The concert started at nine o`clock. During yealous applause Kylie came on the stage and she greated audience with tears in eyes. "Exuse me that I couldn`t continue in tour. I had a some health problem, which must be solved. I believe you understood me I thank you very much for it. Time comes and I come back. I fulfil my promise and I`m happy that you are here and I`m with you," Kylie said to the crowd before she started to sing. 

Kylie`s serious face quickly changed to smile. She was brilliant. Her singing was full of strong feeling and was clear. Her first costume was in her favourite colour - in pink. All the costumes were in style of Brayilian carnival from workshop of fashion designer - John Galliano. Kylie changed costume several times. Special effects and lighting were specacular and the sound quality was high too. 

The audinence really lived the concert. Although Kylie was worried about her performance because of her health state, the audience niticed only ine change after chemotherapy - her short hair. Kylie sang all her hits and also her new single - White Diamond. She hzpnotised everybody with her performance. 

Kylie finished concert with tears of pleasure. Everyone left the concert feeling excited. A small crowd of fans was waiting outside. Kylie happily signed autographs and gave a photo before she left to her hotel apartment. It was exciting to see Kylie on stage because she is strong woman who defeated malicious illnes.
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