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Semi-formal letter - giving advice
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Hello Jim,

In your letter you asked me about a good place to visit. I chose for you some nice places I hope you will enjoy them.

So at first select a trip to Popradské Pleso. It is a very beautiful Mountain lake in High Tatras. I think the best way to travel there is to take train to Starý Smokovec and from there on foot to lake. If u like your trip and want to stay there little bit longer the best thing to do would be to visit one of mine best friends – Peter Zárubňa, who will put you up at his hotel. The hotel isn`t five star hotel, but it is comfortable and of course free or you can take some of other hotels.

Then there is really amazing cave called Demänovská Ice Cave, which is located at Low Tatras. I and my father will go there with you, so he`ll take us with car. In whole area is very cold (temperature drop below 0 degrees) and wetly, so you ought to take waterproof and warm clothing. By the way back we stop at Salaš Dubová – over here are selling best gnocchi (Slovakian nationally meal) on the whole world.

If you have interest in some thermal baths, then you can visit Kováčovské Termal Baths or Health Resort Sliač, which are in my opinion quite good, so take swimwear too.

I hope you will love them and I am looking forward to your stay.

Best wisches
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