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My Favourite Radio Station
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To describe my favourite radio station I need first to make some initial notes. First, I don‘t listen to radio very often. There are several reasons for this, but I don‘t think they’re important to be given in this essay. Because of this, the radio station I‘m going to describe is going to be in some way imaginary. I‘m going to describe a radio station that would be ideal for me.
The most important in the radio broadcast is music. I don‘t have some special style of music I‘m in favour for. This is going to sound a little bit like a cliché: I like all good music. So my favourite radio station would have to broadcast 50% of modern music. Excluding techno, metal and electronic music, because I don’t like these kinds of music. Classical music would get 10% of the broadcasting. 20% of the music would be similar to that of Pavol Hammel and hi style of music. Remaining 10% of the broadcast would belong to the music of other nations and cultures.
Second part of the broadcast is spoken word. Short news would be broadcasted each hour. It would have to be objective (similar to Twist), but in the same time a little part of it could be given in a funny way (similar to Fun-radio). Other spoken word broadcast would include educational programmes, quiz, entertainment, interviews and discussions on important life issues (mostly non-political).
The proportion between the music and the spoken word would be around 65% to 35%. It would be good balanced. Some programmes would consist only of music.
As I mentioned in the beginning I don‘t have any favourite radio station. That’s because I don’t listen to radio very often (mostly to BBC – to increase my pronunciation skillsJ). And there’s none that would perfectly fit in my above given description of my favorite radio station. But I believe there’s something good and worthy in each of radio stations in Slovakia. It’s up to us what we’ll choose from what they’re offering us.
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