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We know many different kind of sport. By the time when we do sport we know winter sports, summer sports and all-season sports. Winter sports are skiing, cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice-hockey.. Summer sports are athletics, football, water polo, swimming, beach volleyball. All season sports are tenis, volleyball, basketball.

By the place where we do sport we know outdoor sports (football, field hockey, rughby, golf) and indoor sport (ice-hockey, figure skating, volleyball). We can play individual sports or team sports. Then we have ball games – games where players use ball (basketball, golf), motor sports (motoGP, formula1), marshall art, water sports, athletic.

For ball games we need ball, field and oponent. For team sport we need team-mates. For motor sport we need car or motorbike or something that have engine (motor). For each sport we need different equipment. But for each sport we need enthusiasm and fair-play.

My favorite sport is football. It is very nice game. It is team sport. I like to play it and I like to watch it.

Why people do sports? It is good for health. We have better physical condition, we can work better and we feel better. It is not problem for us to go upstairs. Sport is relaxation. It is nice watch or do some sport. You forget on your problems and you work your stress off.

People who wachting sport are passive sportmen. Now we can watch on television all sport from the whole world. It is common football broadcast or we can watch ice-hockey championship. We stay at home and see all matches and the best players on the world

Football is ball game. It is playing by two team. Each team has ten outfield players and one keeper. They have dresses with one colour, different as opponent. They play on the grass field or pitch with size – 105m x 55m. Football has two half after fourty-five minutes. Players try to score in the opponent target. They don`t want get a goal. On the pitch are also three referees – two assistants and one referee (main).

We do athletic outdoor on the stadium with tartan. Atlethic has many events – 100m sprint, hurdle race, marathon, walking, long jump, pole jump high jump, javelin, pentathlon, heptathlon, heptathlon, relay.Athletic is named - the queen of the sport. Other sport events are match (football match, volleyball match..), duel, competition (football competition – Premier League), race in the motorsport, Olympic games, championship in football, ice-hockey, regatta in the yachting or sailing and many other.

In our town we have good facilities for doing sport. We have here football stadium and any football fields, we have winter stadium wit ice field. Next to football stadium are tennis courts where people can play this nice game. We can go run to mountains or around the river but for athletic we don`t have so much facilities. In the town we have two sport hall where people can play volleyball, handball, tennis and other indoor sports.

The most popular sport in the Slovakia is football. We have many good footbaler but our clubs are weak. In the European competitions as Champions league or UEFA Cup don`t play long time. The most successful collectiv sport in Slovakia is ice-hockey. We have some very good players in the National Hockey League – Marrian Hossa, Zdeno Chara.. For the tennis players we have built National Tennis Centre in Bratislava. Our tennis player Daniela Hantuchova and Dominik Hrbaty belong to world top players. And canoeistes have two canals in Cunovo and Liptovsky Mikulas.

Ice-hockey is very dynamic sport, contact sport. The play is fast and player ussaly score many goals (5-6 in the match). The most popular is ice-hockey in the Canada. Then in the U.S.A., in Europe in Russia, Slovakia, Czech republick, Nordic country. Woman like ice-hockey more than football, because is more dynamic and there is more actions.

Money and sport. If you want to do sport professional, you have to have a money. Now in sport are money very important. Sportmen need the best equipment, the best stadiums. Sportmen earn „big money“. The best of best earn a few milions of pounds. People think that it is very much. But people, who employ them, earn much more money. In the sport are very much money. It is fact.

My favorite sportman is Thierry Henry. He is one of the best footbalers in the world. He plays for Arsenal London, english team. He was the best scorer in last season. He is Frenchman, he was born in Paris in August 17, 1977. He is striker, captain, with number fourteen on his back. I like to watch on his play. His play is amazing. He scores fantastic goal. Thierry is very quick, has big acceleration. He has sence of fair-play and team work.

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