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Should smoking be banned?
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Smoking causes health problems and addiction comparable to drug addiction. So, how is it possible that drugs are banned whereas smoking is allowed? There is no doubt that there is not enough public discussion about this serious issue.

In my opinion, nowadays most of the people are informed about negative health effects of smoking, such as lung cancer and heart disease. Despite what they know, they simply ignore the fact that smoking may lead to addiction and, in the worst case, to death. Moreover, passive smoking threaten also non-smokers, and it is said to be even more harmful than classic smoking. However, in most European countries, the governments started to limit the places where smoking is allowed to protect people who do not smoke. Finally, tobacco companies are becoming richer and richer as many people spend a fortune on cigarettes.

On the other hand, there are arguments against banning smoking, too. The society tolerates smoking, even though people are aware of its dangers. Smokers often claim that it is their personal decision and they have a freedom of choice. Furthermore, smoking has become a part of their lifestyle and they cannot imagine their life without cigarettes.

All things considered, I am against banning smoking. Although I do not support smokers, I do not believe that banning smoking makes them stop. Just remember the alcohol prohibition in the USA which only made things worse.
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