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7 wonders of my world
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1. Internet – The Internet is infinite. It has had a huge influence on society in the last years. We can give and get a lot of information very quickly. It´s changing our world every minute of every day. We can communicate with our friends through the e-mail, download music, programs and the other things that we need.

2. Dreaming – I think, dreams are one of the biggest wonders of the world. Some people say that they never dream. But it´s impossible. Everybody has dreams, but some people just have a better memory for them than others. Every one and a half hours through the night we live another life in the dreams. We can forget the real world and we are free to behave in any way we want. Images from the past and present come together. But as soon as we wake, the dream starts to melt, and the more we try to remember the details, the more we forget. Dreams are very important, because they can help us prepare for the problems of everyday life. The images in our dreams have special meaning, and they can help us to understand our inner personality.

3. Telephone – It´s very important thing in our lives. It´s not many people who can imagine their life without the telephone. First you must dial the number and somebody must picks it. It can transmit the sound so you are able to speak with the man on the other side. Telephones can be with wire or wireless. Mobile phones are very practical, because they are portable. They have got a lot of function like alarm clock, organizer, calculator and Internet. You can send short messages, play games…

4. Snowboarding – It´s my favourite sport. I started to do that last year. I need the board, boots and waterproof and warm clothes, because I am always on the wet and cold snow. I can´t do that very well, but I love the feeling, when I am going quickly down the snowy hill. On this year´s Olympic games our Rastislav Židek have got a silver medal in snowboardcross. And I like watching freestyle competition.

5. Skyscraper – It´s the very high building, it can have hundred floors, there can work thousands of people and it´s a beautiful view from the top. The nicest buildings for me were Twins – The World Trade Centre in New York, which were destroyed on the 11th of September 2001. I was there in 1999, when I was 10 years old.

6. Life – It´s the most beautiful and most sensational thing in the world. The life is a treasure so we should value it, because it´s easy to lose it. Everyone should value it, because the death will come when we will not expect it. It´s nice when a little baby´s born, it grows up and enjoy the life.

7. Electricity – It´s one of the most important things I know. People are lost without it.
They can´t work on computers, they can´t see in the night, they can´t listen to music, watch the television, recharge the battery on the mobile phone, or only warm a meal in the microwave oven.
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