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Drugs are part of our daily life, although we don`t realise this fact. We think that drugs are only matters like heroin or cocaine but there are many kinds of drugs.

Class A drugs- here belong drugs like LSD, heroin, cocaine, crack. These are well-known to everybody, I think. It`s illegal to posses them or deal with them. Penalty for possesing is up to seven years in prison and up to life in prison for dealing. This punishment is valid, because these matters can damage health very fast and they can even cause death.

Class B drugs- here belong Amphetamines, Methylphenidate. They aren`t as dangerous as class A drugs but enough harmful to can damage health. Some of these drugs were used like painkillers in the II. World War. Penalty for possesig is smaller then by class A drugs and for dealing it is up to 14 years in prison.

Class C drugs- here belong Cannabis, come painkillers. They aren`t very dangerous but long-time consummation can be risky. Painkillers are used in medicine. Penalty for possesing or dealing is like by class B drugs (only for possesing is penalty smaller).

Drinking and smoking- Smoking and drinking are common 'sins' and both are linked with heart disease. But while there are no potential health benefits from smoking, moderate drinking can help protect your heart. It is legal to drink or smoke only for adults.

I think that drugs aren`t only good or bad but in moderation can help (alcohol) and in big rate can harm. "Everithing in moderation".
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