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The problem of the present World
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1) Environment

The destruction of forests throughout the world is a serious global issue. Recent studies about forests show that temperate forests are even more endangered than tropical forests. Forests are home to the majority of the earth's wildlife.

Forests perform many necessary tasks like regulating the earth's climate, breaking down nutrients and cleaning water sources. They are sources of food, fibre, fuel, medicines, and building materials which support the human economy, and of cultural and spiritual values which give meaning to human societies. Even though we rely on forests, we aren't taking very good care of them. As the use of forests by humans has increased over time, many forests have been damaged or even destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of forest-dependent species face extinction in the next few decades from destructive forest use. Humans should use the natural resources that can be found in the earth's forests, but they should be used wisely. Forest destruction is just one example of environmental problems in today's world.

2) Drugs, Smoking

It is a serious health problem that more and more teenagers have taken up smoking. Even though these teens are aware that they will probably someday develop health problems like cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory problems, they still smoke anyway. Most teenagers start smoking in order to look cool in front of their friends but unfortunately they wind up addicted. Many tobacco companies have been blamed for making advertising which is designed to appeal to young people. It is a tragedy but cigarette smoking kills 2.5 million people every year.

Drug use in the world is increasing and more young people than ever are addicted. Drugs can be divided into three categories: hard, soft and legal. All three types can cause addiction, illness, or even death. Hard drugs include heroin and cocaine. Drugs like marijuana, hashish, and solvents are considered soft drugs. Legal drugs include tobacco, alcohol, prescription and non-prescription medicines.
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