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London is the capital of the UK. Its population is a bout 7 milion people. London is situated on the river Thames . The parts of London are: The city the oldest , The West end and the East end .In London are 3 airports ,Undergrounds and many on the river bridges. There is also a famous clock-tower with massive bell called Big Ben near the Houses of pairlament.10 Downing street is the official home of British Prime Minister. St Paul’s Cathedral is once of the largest cathedrals in the world. The city has many banks , but most important bank is The bank of England. There are no windows on the ground floor.

The most famous symbols of London are: Tower bridge , which can open in the middle and big boats can go thought , London Eye , black cabs , red busses and many buildings and places. Big fortress The Tower of London has crown jewels. This Tower was build in the eleventh century. Trafalgar Square is typical Nelson’s Column, many fountains and statues in the Square. There are pigeons and people come to feed them. Once of the biggest park is the Hyde park. The most famous shopping centre is Oxford street. Quen Elizabeth the second lives with her family in Buckingham palce.

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