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Sports are physical activities that people do for exercise to keep fit or because they enjoy them. While some people do not hesitate and go to sports grounds or leisure centres, others prefer watching. When there is a big match on, fans usually applaud, cheer or shout and swear. We can go swimming, skiing, riding, etc. but we can also do activities like aerobics, judo, karate and athletic sports. On the other hand we play games like tennis, football, etc. Games are usually forms of sport with rules. Sports and games are indoor or outdoor, wintersports or summersports and individual or team sports. A typical indoor game is bowling, playing darts and billiards. Indoor sports like aerobics, gymnastics. Done are in gyms. The most popular game for men is football and icehockey. Players want to score or defend their goalkeeper. Fairplay is controlled by refeers(football, rugby, etc.) or umpires(tennis, cricket, etc.). We usually exercise when we want our body to be healthy, to get rid of stress or relax in an active way. Most of us are amateurs. Some people stop being amateurs and become professionals. The main goal is to win. More and more people go in for active sports because a modern lifestyle expects people to be fit and healthy.

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