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Health care

1.ľudské telo
-head – face with nose, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, eye lids, mouth, eyars, cheeks, chin, forehead, jaw, lips, temples, hair
-trunk – breast, shoulders, spine, neck, collar-bones, hips, muscles, fat, abdomen, ribs, waist
-limbs – hand, shoulder, armpit, arm, elbow, wrist, palm, fingers, knuckles, fingertips,nails, leg, thigh, knee, calf, sole, feet, toes, thumb
-intestines – lungs, heart, brain, bladder, gall-bledder, liver, stomach, bowels, kidneys
-bones – spine (backbone), collar-bone, ribs, teeth, knuckles, joints, sinew
-blood vessels, veins, arteries

2.bežné a civilizačné choroby, úrazy, telesné a fyzické stavy, návšteva lekára, v lekárni
-common – influenza, tonsilitis, bronchitis, nausea, smallpox, indigestion, appendicitis, diarrhoea, constipation, rheumatism, stroke, heart-attack, peptic ulcer, cancer,
-other – AIDS, SARS, malaria, lepra, (India, Africa), typhoid fever, polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough
-telesné a fyzické stavy – insomnia, stress, fatigue, anorexia, bulimia, anaemia, high blood pressure, fever, weakness
One of the primary roles of doctors is to identify or recognize diseases. The first piece of evidence is the patients own statement of his troubles – the case history. Important is also patients account of previous illnesses and family history.Then are done som special examinations like chemical tests, microscopical study of blood or tissues and X-rays.
Check-up – undergo a medical examination
-check the blood presure
-check your throat, eyes
-Blood test
-Chemical test
-Cholesterol test
-Taking of samples
-Listening to your lungs, heart beat
-Check your intestines

3.zdravý spôsob života
Healthy lifestyle
-regular exercise
-plenty of rest
-enough sleep
-good eating habits – lot of fruits and vitamins, milk, meat for proteins
-no smoking and drinking alcohol
-avoid stress
-check-ups at doctor, dental check-ups
-take vitamin pills, have a massages, sauna or steam bath

4.zdravotnícka starostlivosť (prevencia, očkovanie)
-vaccination against tropical diseases when you go on holiday and common vaccination – malaria, polio, lepra, tetanus, influenza, encephalitis,
-prevencia – check the blood pressure, blood tests, cholesterol tests, check ups, dental visits, healthy lifestyle

5.štátne a súkromné zdravotníctvo
-differencies between state and non state hospitals – in state hospital, doctors, nurses and other hospital stuff are paid from national, state budget, also money for medical equipment are from state or insurance companies, pacients dont have to pay in cash, but they must have their own health insurance or accident insurance ; in non-state hospitals or institutions, there are doctors-bussinessmen, they work on their own, they dont have regular salary and they have to buy all the equipment from their own money

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