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Young people and their world
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Young people can be devided into 2 classes:
a) teenagers – from 13 to 19 – they have often conflicts with parents, they want to live independtly, the most important influence is from friends, they often critize older generations, they are studying, often have part-time jobs to save some money, they often leave their parents and live with friends in rented flats
b) adults – 20 to 30 – they became more aware of social problems, they have to be more responsible, they earn their living, they get married, finish school, start a familly, they have to find a place to live, pay rent and other expences

1. Charakteristika (zovňajšok, móda, vlastnosti, záujmy)
Young people are careful about their look, image. They prefer to wear brand name clothing (Nike, Kenvelo...) and they are always trying to look good and sexy, even if they´re just spending their free time with friends. Girls are careful about their makeup and hairstyle, boys use aftershave or cologne.
Young people are usually optimistic, cheerful, friendly, talkativewell-educated, experienced, self-confident and curious, however, some of them can be rude, impolite, moody (especially teenagers), tricky, lazy, careless.
Interests – getting together with friends, parties, PC, TV, books, dating, sports, disco

2. Postavenie mladých v spoločnosti ( práva a povinnosti, možnosti štúdia, práca, mladé rodiny)
Young people, children have basic rights as all of the people in the world. They were given to them to protect them from sexually abusing, economicly exploitating, neglecting and using them as a property of their parents, like guardians or even employees.  Young people have also some duties like house chores, studying, they have to obey their parents..... Education is compulsory from 6 to 16, then you can choose what do you want to do, if you want to continue in your studies or find a job. Nowadays, many children know, how important are their studies for their future life and they often decide to finish their secondary education and then start the higher on universities and colleagues. Nowadays are plenty of possibilities where you can study on. We have a huge amount of different universities specialized in many sections, you only have to choose.

Job opportunities are better than in the past, especially in big cities, there are many posiblities also for teenagers to take a part-time job and save some money. We have a lot of job centres or employment offices where you can find good job,you only have to want it. Many young people today start their own families later than their parents did. Many work on their career first and get married in their thirties. Young fimiles share house chores and i tis nowadays common that husband share chores or take a maternity leave if wife´s job is better paid.

3. Vzťahy medzi rovesníkmi, generačné vzťahy (konflikty, príčiny, prejavy, dôsledky)
One of the most important influence on young people is influence of their friends. Friends are great value in the lives of young people. They are used to getting together, usually according to same or similar attitudes and views. They share their opinions,experiences and feelings between each other, they help each other. On the other hand, there are also human beings which were detached from the social group and they grow up as outsiders, which can have a great influence on their mental condition, social behaving and general view on human relationships.

Many of young people, especially teenagers have some conflicts with their parents. Young people became more revolutionary and they often critize their parent´s conservative lifestyle. The complain that they dont have enough freedom, that parents interfere too much into their bussiness. The dont like when their parents criticize their friends, clothes or hairstyle. They think parents are underestimate them, and they also complain that they dont have enough pocket money, or that they are not allowed to come home later.

On the other hand, parents and generaly older generation think that they are rude, impolite, use rude, abusing language, they dont study enough and have bad marks. Then they complain that youth generation dont respect older generation and that they dont think about their future, they are irresponsible and unreliable, lazy, they listen to a deafening music and wear an awful clothes.

4.Nezdravé javy v živote mladých (násilie, drogy, gamblerstvo)
Parents usually dont want their child to try things like smoking or drinking. But children are curious, they´re keen on trying new things, especially those that they are not allowed to. It´s not problem nowadays to get some cigaretes, alcohol or even drugs. In this way, the most dangerous are discos or parties, where is huge amount of alcohol and even drugs, there are always some „more experienced“, which have the „material“ and they are trying to draw down those, who are only amateurs and they show interest. The child can become addict also because of family backround, the parents which dont really care about their child and they smoke or drink too.  Its always on influence off familly backround, odd friendships and society generaly.

5. Predstavy mladých o živote (očakávania, túžby, obavy)
When we are young, we dont really think about our future, we live our careless lives until it comes some situation, when the important decision have to be done. It always come situation, when we have to stop behave like children and start to think like adults. We have to start think about our future, firstly about our studies, then about our family and so on. Every young person would like to have a successfull life, he want to do his studies, find a decent job, start a family and have enough money to pay every expencies. Some of us are dreaming about lives full of fame and money, but lot of them then realized that its hardly possible. We just hope, that we would be happy, we know that it wont be easy, but we will try hard to fetch through.

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