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Sport and games
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Sport is physical activity that people do to keep fit or because it enjoy them. It is important component of our lives. It`s good for our health and it helps us to get rid of stress. There is a different between sports and games. Sport is activity which is done by one man (in competition fighting only for himself), like swimming, skiing, etc. Game is played by two men or two teams who play against one another, for example tennis or football.

All sport and games are divided into two groups according to where they can be practised – indoor and outdoor. A indoor sport is for example aerobic or gymnastic, typical indoor game is bowling or billiard. Outdoor sport is for example skiing and typical outdoor game is football, when eleven players want to score or defend their goalkeeper. I think it`s most popular game, but I can`t understand how someone can love this game and other ball games at all. The other very popular games are hockey, basketball, tennis or volleyball. I can`t say the rules of these games, because I don`t know the that rules and I`m not interested in them.

We can divide fans of sport into two groups. First group consist of people who don`t do sport, but they watch it. They usually have their favourit teams and they support them. When there is a big match on, these fans usually applaud, cheer, shout and roar. And some of them often fight with opponent`s fans.

The second group involves people wo do sport. Some of them are amateurs and do it only to keep fit, to get rid of stress and because it`s good form of relax. The others are professionals, who work very hard because they attend many competitions and they naturally want to win. I think everyone of them dream of winning the world championship or an Olympic medal.

Many of them don`t want only to do sport because they are good at it but they yearn for glory, want to become famous and earn a lot of money. Some sportsmen would do everything to achieve their intention, so they haven`t got any inhibitions to use illegal means like corruption or doping. Doping in sport is nothing new, but it has grown and become more visible in recent years. It`s a true scourge of many competitions and jeopardizes the health of millions of young sportsmen all over the world. Doping means using of a substance or method which is able to improve their performance giving them an advantage over their opponents. As I said, these substances could be very dangerous for the human body. They makes a lot of problems, like acne appearing on the skin, faltering voice (it gets more coarse by women), losing hair quality, falling out of hair, rising of blood pressure which can lead to a heart attack. They also damage the liver, kidneys and digestive system and genitals too and injure muscles and ligaments. And they cause aggressive behaviour and sudden changes of mood.

And last but not least – it is unfair to the other sportsmen who try to be the best without any support of drugs.

As I said before, every sportsman dreams about winning an Olympic medal. So, Olympic games are top international multisport competition performing every two years. They are divided into summer and winter Olympic games. They follow tradition of ancient Olypmic games which arised in Greece in 776 before Christ. They began as a religious festival, were held every four years, and continued for a thousand years. Athletes came to Olympia and trained full-time for ten months. They had to undergo an examination by a ten-member panel, who assessed them on their parentage, character and physical endowments.

First modern OG were open in 1896 in Greece in Athény. 13 countries took part in them. Summer OG perform since 1896 and winter OG since 1924 every four years except war-years 1916, 1940 and 1944.

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