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World Problems
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Everyone has some problems, but world problems are more serious. I think, that the most serious problem is pollution. Other environmental problems are acid rain, ozon layer, cutting down the rainforests and so on. Pollution is everywhere. It affects water, air, people, land, animals and plants. Pollution ranges from smoke, dust, and smells to car and lorry exhaust and also factories where fossill fuels are burned. Smoke contains SO2 (sulphur dioxide), NO (nitrogen oxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide). These gases are mixed with water wapour and it causes acid rains. Acid rains destroy big rainforests which we need, because big rainforests in Africa and India are the „lungs of the world“.

I think, that we should protect the invironment and nature. For example we can save energy, save water, we can sort out the litters, we can use unleaded petrol or use the sprays without CFC gases. We also shouldn´t pick the flowers and branches.

Drugs and smoking
Many young people smoke. They know that it´s bad for health, but they still do it. Why? Some of them say that it relaxes them when they are nervous. Some like the taste and others say that they can´t stop it. For tobacco companies cigarettes mean profit, but for doctors they mean diseases. Lots of people who smoke die because of lung cancer.

More and more young people also take drugs. We know these kinds of drugs: soft (for example marijuana), hard drugs (heroin and cocaine) and legal drugs (alcohol, tablets). People shouldn´t take drugs. Every year about two thousand drug addicts die. When you take drugs, you can get poissoned!

Why do people take drugs? I think, that some of the drug addicts have big problems, they can´t solve them, so they start to take drugs. Maybe they want to be in „another world“. Some people take drugs because they want to try them, but then, they become addicts. Today, drug business is the second biggest business in the world. Only the army business is bigger. I think that we should do something with this problem.

It´s also a big world problem. I think, that it´s a big danger for the future. Terrorists usually are fanatic people. They want to kill as many people as possible. Everyone remembers 11th September 2001. Two jet airliners were hijacked and they crashed into the twin towers of World Trade Center in New York. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Many innocent people were killed. The terrorists were Muslims. Their mastermind was Osama bin Laden. He´s a member of Taliban in Afghanistan. In WTC there weren´t only Americans, but also many people of various nationalities and faiths. There were Chtistians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists. . . so it wasn´t attack only against the USA, but against the whole west world.

We should protect our world and we must fight with world problems.

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