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My Unbelievable Story
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I would like to tell you one story, which happened to me some weeks ago. It isn’t so funny, but unbelievable.

Once I was celebrating my friend’s 18th birthday with some guys in one pub. 18th birthday is a big occasion in everybody’s life. But a pitty was, that my parents didn’t allow me to be late outside. I had to take the last bus.

So I was angry sitting in it, when I saw one man. He was really ugly. All the journey he was looking at me. It wasn’t pleasant. I felt quite strange. But I couldn’t do anything, just wait for my bus-stop. Unfortunately that man had the same as me. I started to walk faster than usually. On the one hand because it was very cold and I wanted to be at home in warm. And on the other hand because I was a little bit afraid of the curious traveller.

The last bus-stop was about 15 minutes from my house. After some time I recognized that the man was still beyond me. Just then the real fear came. I had terrible feeling inside. I thought that he would hit me and assassinate. And that nobody will find me. I wanted to shout. I don’t know why, but I started to run. He also, but faster than me.

He stopped me. I thought that that was my end. I started to cry. A big ball in my throat didn’t allow me to say something. He opened his mouth…and…told me that I didn’t have any reason to be afraid from him, because he is just my new neighbour and not a killer. And he just wanted to introduce himself and to talk with me, because he had heard that I am very nice and clever girl. That was all. I felt so stupid and ashamed. Such kind man and I had behaved like a fool. I apologized him and since that time we have been good friends.

I found out that I couldn’t judge people just because their faces. The only important thing in our whole lives is a heart. We should listen to it.

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