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My favourite film - "Armageddon"
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Armageddon means the end of the world. This film´s telling the story about the end of world, whitch is caused by an asteroid. This asteroid is called Killer, because when it heats the Earth it will destroy the all life on it.

Gowerment of USA desides to destroy this asteroid byusing an nuclear bomb. This weapon should explore under the surgace of the asteroid. To tackle this task they called the best oil drillers of the world. They´ re trained by NASA (National Aeronauticks and Space Administration) and send to the asteroid by two space shuttles called Independence and Freedom. They touch down at the asteroid and drilled a hole on it. They placed the bomb and blusted off it.
My favourite character was played by Bruce Willis, who was a chef of oil drillers. He was carring father, who loves his daugter. Willis´s daughter Grace is in love with A.J. Bruce ultimately gives up his life to save the world and hois daughter can marry A.J.

I really liked the scene where Bruce is dieing and hil blessing to A.J. and Grace. I like the film because there are heroes, love and fun.
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