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The letter for a friend
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Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your letter and the postcard from Australia. I hope that you had a great time on the trip. I will describe to you my holiday in Italy.

I spent the few days on Island in shape whale. I was there with my friends. I flew by plane at first. I was enjoy from fly. Next time I won´t be afraid of flying. The sea was clear and warm and the weather was the best. One night we wanted to swim in the sea, but our lifeguard stoped us. He said, that the waves in the sea would be dangerous. If we hadn´t listened him, we would have drowned. We ate in the hotel, where we had a accommodation too. The chef cooked the Italian food. I´m fond of pizza and pasta. I played on the beach with white sand the beach voleyball with my Italian friends. They visited me on the disco last night.

I looked forward to home. We arrived to Bratislava in the night. I had to wait my father on the airport. When he was coming there, it was a joy to watch him. When I arrived to Žilina, I said: „Home sweat home.“

Will I be allowed to visit you? Call me on my mobile, or write me soon.

Give my regards to your family.

Best wishes!
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