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1.So what is bullying?
It is when somebody hurt other children, calls them name, says or writes bad things about them, doesn´t talk to them, scares them, damages their things, hits or kicks them, gets them into trouble, takes their friends and things or money from them.

2.Why do kids bully?
Bullies are usually very nice and popular people. Many people are bullying keep authority. They´re many frieds, they feel strong, intelligent, and interesting. They wear fashionable clothes and they´ve got money.

3. Who is victims?
Victims are usually frail and they´re different in some way. People who are dofferent colour skin, hair, sexual orientation and religion. People who wear glasses, who are naturally quiet or shy. Kids who are new at a school.

4. Type bullying.
Exist two type bullying physical and normally verbal. Boys bullying usually physical and gril bullying normal verbal. Verbal bullying is more worce as physical, because words can hurt just as much as being punched or kicked. Bruise heal up but scar on spirit no. I´m not understand bullying and bullies. Do it witch entertain or for some problem? This I´m not understand. A lot of bullies become criminals when they grow up. One in 10 pupils in secondary school is bullied.
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