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One dictionary defines relationship as the way people or groups feel about each other and behave towards each other. When two people or groups are friendly towards each other and work well together we say that they have a good relationship. When we make friends, we usually try to find people who have similar attitudes towards life as we do. We like to be around people who think like we do and even solve problems in a similar way. It’s nice to feel you belong and fit n. Being part of a group can help people develop relationship skills, feel close to others, get and give support, share ideas. People create communities where feel they are welcome. But friendship can change into love if people fall in love with each other.

Families may be based on different kinds of adult relationship but the thing they have in common is that they provide a sense of belonging. Family is made up of the people we care about and the people who care about us. It’s important to talk about what blinds us together because this is how children learn about how to treat to others. In family we learn how to communicate, how to resolve conflicts in safe way.

It’s important to have a good relationship with our neighbours. Everyone has the right to enjoy their homes in peace and quiet and without disturbance from their neighbours. If possible you should try to solve problem yourself by talking to your neighobour, discussing your complaint in a reasonable manner. Anti-social behaviour may include: unreasonable levels of noise, use of home for illegal purposes e. g. drug dealing, criminal acts carried out in the locality of your home.

The relationship we have in the workplace is a major part of our work. Not only go to work to earn a living and to take care of our homes and families, we also go to work for the social aspects of relating with people.When our relationships at work are going well, we like being at work. And similar is it in school. When we are in good collective of clasemates and teachers we feel good there.
The types of difficulties that people gave that affect their work is very diverse. These can include: crisis, helath related stress, smoking, alcohol and drug use, relationship conflict and so on.

The relationships between the old and the young generation are the objects of many discussions. The older say that the young people have no sense of responsibility today. They often criticize the way how the young people dress and behave. On the other hand many young people think that the older can't understand them and that they themselves must be absolutely different than their parents. We don΄t agree with them for many times. Our opinions differ, our ideas differ, our feelings and interests differ so much as well. This is called „generation gap“. Twenty or thirty years make one generation and each generation has its own problems with somebody or something.

Society often faces relationship problems between people of different races, religions and social classes. These negative relationships are usually based on prejudice. Sometimes people are just rude because they know nothing about the other people. People don’t respect them at all. I think that today society. People like homeless or elderly and disabled people. They are like grains of sand. But people see that black grains that are being separated from the others.

We can see homeless people sleeping on the streets but they represent only a very small proportion of the overall number of people, who are actually homeless. They haven’t only lost their home; they have probably lost their partner, children, family, and all social contacts which they have had. They become unemployed. And it was very difficult for them to move back into society. Everyday you can see people dressed in rags begging for money or food near the shopping centres. The bad economical situation in our country have forced them to lose their jobs and homes.

Other social problems are addictions .People can get addicted to all sorts of substance. Usually alcohol or illegal drugs. But people became addicted to medications or cigarettes or of gambling (lotteries, casinos, and pari-mutuels)
Addiction can be physical- when a person’s body actually becomes dependent on a particular substance (smoking) or psychological when the cravings for a drug are psychological or emotional. They may lie or steal to get it. They use drugs or alcohol as a way to forget problems or to relax; they lost interests in activities, change friends. Young people may have problems in school or with parents.

Vandalism is a growing national problem. Vandals are criminals because they destroy property, waste time and money. Teenagers with growing-up problems act destructively by misusing vehicles, spray-painting graffiti on public places. Older youths often commit more serious acts such as damaging vehicles or machinery, burglary, arson or theft. They do it from boredom, anger or defiance

Bullying often occurs among school children but adults can experience it too. It involves physical injury, threats, damage to belongings such as clothes and books extortion and psychological torment including name-calling. In the workplace it takes the form of intimidation or humilliation.

For people with eating disorder food becomes an obsession. The most commoon forms are anorexia and bulimia. People withe anorexia often have a terrible fear of being overweight. Bulimic tent to eat large amounts of food at one time.
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