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Britské reálie
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Great Britain

Great Britain is a insular state with area of 244 thousand square kilometers. It consists of the geographical areas of England, Scotland and Wales and it is the biggest island in Europe. The island of Great Britain can be parted into Highlands on the north and west and into Lowlands on the south and east. In the Highlands people are interested in agriculture. They farm cheep and take care of the fields. The lowlands are industrial. In Great Britain are many sort but deep rivers. The longest river( about 336 km) is called the Thames witch flows into North Sea. As for the water sources, in Scotland are many lakes called ,,lochs”. The most famous lake is Loch Ness. It is famous for it legend about big creature living in there. The surface is very mountain. The highest mount is Ben Nevis(1343 m).

The political state is officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. The term England use people while speaking about the hole country. The political power is divided to legislative power – parliament , judicial power – courts and executive power – government. The Parliament accredit new acts and is established by House of Commons and House of Lords. In the lead of the government is The Prime minister. He has a great power because he selects other ministers.

Great Britain has a long and interesting history. The first dwellers were in the 8th century attacked by Vikings. Later in the year 827 Egbert united the saxon tribes into 7 kingdoms. Finely in the end of 9th century Alfred the Great united kingdoms and defeated the Vikings. In 1066 Williem the conqueror was crowned for the first king of England. For many centuries was country ruled by powerful dynasties which fought with each other. The most interesting was the War of roses between Lancasters-red rose Yorks-white rose, witch ended by marriage that brought peace to the people after all. From 1215 is Great Britain a constitutional monarchy and the power of kings became just a symbol.

As a part of European union is England a new homeland for thousands of outlanders. People came here for work or to study English on the greatest universities like Cambridge or Oxford. England has many important writers that created unique literature, for example William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and many others. Any way outlanders are now a big problem for Great Britain. Cheap workers replace Englishman and the English living standard is decreasing.

English people are particular about traditions. They have many beautiful festivals. Christmas is for them most important. Families celebrate together, cook dinner, decorate the Christmas tree and sing carols. The children don’t open the presents in the 24th of December but the next morning. Before Christmas people celebrate All Saint's Day – the Halloween. They celebrate it differently then we do. Children ware scary costumes, visit neighbours and become candy.

The English kitchen is not quite delicious, but nowadays English people use recipes from many other nations. The worst is the influence of USA cuisine – quick prepared junk food such as hamburgers and chips. The accomplishment is rising number of fat people and heart attacks.

If you visit Great Britain, there are many places to go. In the north you can visit Stonehenge, the oldest and most famous stone structure. It is still unknown what is it meaning. The capital city – London has many attractions all by it self. For example Big Ben - tower with huge clock or The Tower bridge witch was a prison in the past. If you are fond of art and architecture, you can visit the Westminster cathedral or the National Gallery of British Art. Great Britain is a beautiful country with interesting history, culture and political system. What awaits this country in the future? We shall see.
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