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Life in past

I would like to describe life one hundred years ago, which was very different than now. It was about 1900; here was Austro- Hungary with emperor Frantisek Jozef 2.

Women usually stay at home; they were not able to work. Their education was grammar, rarely higher. They get married very early and their task was to have a lot of children and look after house. Women’s life was stereotype. They get up about 6 o’clock, in the village much earlier. They prepare breakfast, woke up children and sent off husband to work. In winter they take children to school and go to shop some useful or missing things. In summer they were working with man and children on field, if they had it. Taking care about animals was their job too. They return home, do something in the garden, and it was lunchtime. After lunch, they do the washing up, launder the clothes, take care about children and helped them with homework. They must ironing and doing order in the house. When man return home, women must be kind, didn’t loaded him with problems and prepare good dinner. These activities take a lot of time; because of there were no household items.
Men life was difficult too. Their job was financially secured the family. In towns worked in some manufactures, less in offices, in the village as farmers or workers in the wood. Their work was usually manual and sometimes dangerous. When they came home, was exhausted. They didn’t educate the children. Tending about family was not their problem.

In family each has own task; nobody has made refuses. Relationships were closer, because they spent evenings together. The only free time was on Sunday, when families go to church, have a good lunch and relaxing after hard week. Nowadays people like to going out, have fun with friends, relaxing on holidays. Now it is much better, because if you are exhausted, you can get a holiday, in past was it impossible.

If I compare life in past and now I will find some pros and cons of living in the past. Good points were better relationships between people and calmer maybe safer life. Disadvantages are hard slow work without any modern machines, no free time and in general bad women’s position. I am glad that I can live now; I don’t want life like that.

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