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Slovak families

In a typical Slovak family are one or two children and two parents, but nowadays divorce is very common. More children live with one parent in step family. Most people live in town in blog of flats, but in village people live in houses. I think, that in Slovakia live 90% people in own houses or flats. More then half households in Slovakia have any pet. Most popular pet is dog, cat, hamster, bird or fishes. Typical households have computer, telephone, video or DVD and at least one TV. Most young adults don´t live with their parents. When they end the University, they get job or they get married, they move to own house. Average age for get married is 25 to 30 years and average age for having child is 30 years. Most people in Slovakia don´t move a lot. They move only, when they found partner or better job in the other town. Most old people live in own flats or in oldpeoples home, but some peoples live with their children and grandchildren. Nowadays Slovak population get old slowly, because parents have a few children. In background people had more children, they had 5 to 10 children.

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