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For some people holiday means relax and for some people it means many sorrows. Sorrows because they must find something what will be the best for them and it is not simple. If we want choose the best holiday for us we must:

•Choose if we want to go to the holiday abroad or home, by the sea, mountains or somewhere else
•Think how much money will it costs
•Know how many people will come with us
•Know how long will we stay there
•Choose transport

If we choose where we are going, we must know how many suitcase we can take with us, because when we are going by bus, or plane we can have limited quantity, so we don ´t want to take everything what we want. The most important things what we must take with us are:

2.passport (if we are going abroad)

If you need all there three things, nothing more you don´t need. But usually we take more things and half of things we don´t need.

We know different types of holidays:

1.Summer holidays

These holidays are the most popular, because it is hot, and many people prefer hot to cold. We can choose different destinations in different countries. For Slovak people the most visited counties are: Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. In this holiday we can just relax, sunbathe or swim at the sea. Some people but prefer visited different cultures and places to sunbathe, because they come to know something new about places they are chose. Some people but like go on holiday no by the sea but just on mountains or famous cities.

2.Winter holidays

These holiday are especially for skiers. Winter holiday are famous too for people who can ´t ski, because in winter is New Year and some people like celebrate this day in cabanas.

3.Identifications trips

These trips are for people who like knows something news and likes to learn about local cultures and habits. These people prefer walking round historical monuments and places to sunbathe or ski. Maybe some people like adrenalin and they chose trips which involves adrenalin.

Travel agency usually help people to find the best holiday for them. But we don ´t have to use travel agency when we want to go somewhere. We can go independently anywhere we want just with family or friends by car or individual transport. Sometimes it can be adventure if we go we don ´t knows where and how we want to go. We just can go and visit different places. But this kind of trip is very dangerous. We namely don t expect what is waiting for us.

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