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Traffic in Bratislava
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Bratislava is a capital of Slovakia. It isn`t a big city but the traffic is the main problem of traffic in Slovakia. There is heavy traffic and around three or four o` clock there is a rush hour. There are a lot of cars and the city public transport, so there is high level of air pollution. Lorry drivers and car drivers drive at a high speed so there are a lot of accidents. The speed limit in tons and villages is 60 km per hour, and in some zones there is only 40 km per hour. The cars are comfortable but they defile an air. Howewer, not every person has a car, so people use public transports- trains, buses or taxis and bycicles.

Trains are not very comfortable and now already not very cheap for students and very dirty and many trans are demaged.

Buses are the most frequent in Bratislava but sometimes they are not very punctual, so people come too late in thein jobs or schools. They are not very comfortable, too because they are often full of people and there is stench and hot. This is in the summer. In the winter is very cold in buses. On the other hand buses use the most of young or old people. But some people use a bicycle and that is great because they don´t defile an air.

In Bratislava is some frequent motorways where is very polluted air but even though the people live there. Many accidents are happening on the crossroads and zebras because the riders go very fast or they go on red and don´t stop on traffic lights.

I think, that the council should build an underground because it is cleaner. It would be less accidents on the roads and less noise and traffic jams.
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