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Differences Between Humans And Animals
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People: The human species is the most numerous and most powerful of all. People can produce, create, love, but they can destroy, kill and hate too. They are destroyer and creators at the same time. They build colossal buildings, great castles as thought they can show something to another. And at the same time they are afraid of themselves. It would not be so, if they did not crave by authority above all. If it were not atomic bombs, which can destroy half world, acid rain or if people would not be as cool as a cucumber. We do not kill only animals, but trees, water or other people too. But there are not only bad people in the bad world. Our ancestors built monumental castles or seven world`s miracles. But the best thing about people is that we can love. I think it is not man in the world, who does not love. We love another people, we love our nature, we love a lot of small things, but we love animals too. Animals: Animal does not murder air, it can not kill without cause and it can not hate like human. Animal uses for us like food, like the best friend or like the biggest danger. People hunt animals for hobby, for food, which they never use all. Animals hunt only it, what they need for living. Some of them, especially some kind of birds, can fly without plane. People must use boat, plane, car or train for transport. Some of them are afraid of us, because some bad peoples wound them. But when you are nice to them, they love you too. Like for example dog. When you caress him, when you take care of your dog, he saves you very much.
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