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Application letter
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Dear Mr Baker,

Refering to your advertisment in the local Employment News where you published your interest to hire young graduates to be trained as managers for branches in your international hotel chain I would like to introduce myself as a graduate of the Bratislava Comenius University.

At present I work as an Assistant Manager in the local stand alone 5 stars hotel which offers a standard level of services .I have held this post for one year after my graduation. Our hotel clients are both local and international ones. Your offer to be trained for a position of manager in the branches of the international hotel chain would be a great challenge for me. It would give me a chance to enlarge my local working experiences in a hotel business within your well recognised company in a different parts of the world. I would like to work in an international team. After passing relevant training I will be ready to accept a position of manager which asks for a higher responsibility but it will also give me a chance to contribute to the high quality of services to your clients which your company is well-known for.

In addition to the working experiences my eligibility to apply for advertised position is also underlined by profile of my completed education. Over my university studies I passed courses which were focused on different elements of management . I was mainly interested in behaviourstics aspects of management which gave me a good theoretical background for improving my communication and interpersonal skills and team work, as well. As far as my language skills are I am able to speak and write fluently in English, Spanish and German.

Please, find enclosed my curriculum vitae which provides you with further details of my professional experiences, education and hobbies. In addition to that I enclosed List of References.

Dear Mr. Baker, I would highly appreciate if your company could give me an opportunity to present myself personally at an interview. 

Yours sincerely

Attachement: Curriculum Vitae
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