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America invades Britain!

In 1778 the British had the strongest navy in the world. They laughed at the small navy of their American colonies, who were fighting Britain for their independence. One American captain decided to show the British that the size was not everything. Here is what happened. One night of April 24, 1778, Captain John Paul Jones silently brought the American ship Ranger into Whitehaven harbour on the west coast of England. As soon as he arrived, he took a group of his men to a local inn, broke into it, and had a drink with them.

Then they went back to the harbour and began their work. Some of them went to the fort and put the guns out of order, others began burning British ships. The British sailors finally woke up and put up a good fight, but they lost to Jones and his men. Captain Jones was pleased, but not completely satisfied. So he sailed to the nearby Scottish coast and went to the home of the Earl of Selkirk. Jones and his men put all the Earl’s silverware onto the Ranger to take back to America. The British didn’t laugh so much about American navy after Jones´visit.

Don´t look down

Paul Lay dances with death in the mountains of southern Spain.

I have always enjoyed walking. When I was a boy, I used to go walking at weekends with my father. We went camping and climbing together.

I try to visit a new place every year. Last year I decided to walk a path in Spain called El Camino del Rey, which means the King´s way. It is one of the highest and most dangerous footpaths in Europe. It used to be very safe , but now it is falling down.

I took a train to the village of El Chorro and started to walk towards the mountains. I was very excited. Then the adventure began. The path was about three feet wide and there were holes in it. It used to have a handrail, but not any more. I didn´t know what to do – should I go on my hands and knees , or stand up? I decided to stand up and walk very slowly . At times the path was only as wide as my two boots. I stopped to have a rest, but there was nowhere to sit.

I began to feel very frightened. It was impossible to look down or look up. I was concentrating so hard that my body started aching. There was no thrill of danger , no enjoyment of the view. I thought I was going to die. I finally managed to get to the end. I was shaking , and I was covered in sweat from heat and fear. I feel to the ground, exhausted.

What is Paul Lay´s hobby?
What did he use to do with his father?
Does he go to the same place every year?
Is the King´s Way in good condition?
Why couldn´t he have a rest?
Why didn´t he enjoy the walk?
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