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The Woman in White - Wilkie Collins
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After their honeymoon, Sir Percival and Lady Glyde return the to his family estate in Hampshire, Blackwater Park. They are accompanied by Glyde's friend, Count Fosco. Marian Halcombe is also living at Blackwater and learns that Glyde is in financial difficulties. Sir Percival unsuccessfully attempts to bully Laura into signing a document which would allow him to use her marriage settlement of £20,000. While Marian is hearing about their plan, it is also raining and then she collapses with a fever which turns to typhus.

While she is ill, Laura is tricked into travelling to London. Her identity and that of Anne Catherick are then switched. Anne Catherick dies of a heart condition and is buried in Cumberland as Laura, while Laura is drugged and placed in the asylum as Anne Catherick. When Marian recovers and visits the asylum hoping to learn something from Anne Catherick, she finds Laura, supposedly suffering from the delusion that she is Lady Glyde.

Marian bribes the nurse and Laura escapes. Hartright has safely returned and the three live together in obscure poverty, determined to restore Laura's identity. After some time Walter discovers Glyde's secret, which has known only Anna and her mother. Several years earlier, Glyde had forgotten the marriage register at Old Welmingham Church to conceal his illegitimacy. Glyde attempts to destroy the register entry, but the church vestry catches fire and he perishes in the flames. Hartright then discovers that Anne was the illegitimate child of Laura's father, which accounts for their resemblance. Walter Hartright now has the power to force a written confession from Fosco and Laura's identity is restored. Hartright and Laura have married and, on the death of Frederick Fairlie, their son becomes the Heir of Limmeridge.

My opinion:

A few days ago I read one book, which name was ,,The woman in white,,. I think that this book was one of the best books I have ever read. I break reading this book only one time, because it was very attractive, interesting and exciting. I would like to recommend this fiction to everybody. My opinion is that, this fiction was very thriller. The most beautiful part for me was the beginning where Walter met Anna, „the woman in white“. And second most beautiful part for me was the end where we get to know what was a resolution of true:who was Anna in fact
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