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The pros and cons of living in the country
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People have different opinion on living in the country, but everybody can choose his best place, where he would like to live.
Living in the country has some advantages, but there are disadvantages, too. I am livinig in a small town called Komárno, and I can say, that I am fully satisfied. I would never move to country or village, because there are much more disadvantages in countryside than they are in town.

The first, by my opinion the biggest, disadvantage of living in village is no possibility of finding a good job, therefore people have to travel for work to the nearest town. I find this traveling as very expensive and frustrating thing to experience every day. Another problem could be no access to bigger healthcare center or hospital. Sick people have no choice, and they have to travel to town, again. One of the other disadvantages is that there is small number of schools. If there is no place for children in school, the only solution is traveling to the nearest one which is outside village.

Living in town is better alternative for me, because I can find more opportunities for doing everything here. I can go to the theatre, cinema, night club, restaurant, gallerie, pub or sports centre and there are all of the important institutes that people may need. There are a lot of options what you can do in town. For example, you can go out with your friends or classmates... You can spend your time in various shops, shopping centres or boutiques which offer different kinds of goods from all over the world. All of this reasons that I mentioned are very important for young people, especially me.

Of course, living in the countryside has advantages, too. For instance, a big plus is quiet and calm environment which has very good influence on human nature. When you live in a country, there is just country surrounding you, which I think is a very possitive fact for our psychical life. Village is very good place to have a rest after hard work, to breathe a fresh air, look at horizon and think about less important things. Finally, I must mention one big plus of living in the village and it is that there is no rush hour during the day at all. I think it is the worst situation which occurs in town daily.

I was thinking about pros and cons of living in the village quite a long time, and I still have the same opinion as I had before. I imagine my future in living in Bratislava and I hope I would never have to move to countryside.
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