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Life 50 years ago
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Life 50 years ago wasn't as comfortable as life now. People didn't have as good conditions fot life as we have now.

Poor people used to ride by trains because cars were very expensive for them. In London people used to ride by horses with cartes. They didn't have any bus or trams. When people wanted travel into other country, they must travel by plain. Plains were very expensive and some people couldn't afford it. Then they could travel by ship too. People used to travel varrious ways.

50 years ago was fashion other than is now. Womans used to dress a long dress. Mens used to dress suits and shoes. They didn't use to dress trainers, trousers and T-shirts than we dress now.

50 years ago, people didn't know about computer and television. They had only radio, from which used to get informations about problems in Earth.

I don't know what I would do if I lived in those days. I am happy that I live in 21 century because I have better conditions for life.

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