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History of my country
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Samo's Empire
Samo's Empire, the first known political formation of Slavs, gained independence from the Franks and Avars by defeating the Frankish army of King Dagobert I at the Battle of Wogastisburg in 631.However, the Empire disappeared in 665 with the death of Prince Samo.

The era of Great Moravia
Prince Mojmír I from the Moravian principality and his army attacked the Principality of Nitra, conquering it and setting up in a relatively vast territory a united Slav State. The Empire unified the Slavs of Nitra and Moravia.Mojmir's son, Rastislav
in 862 asked the Byzantine Emperor Michael III to send him a Bishop and teachers of religion. The Emperor sent Rastislav two apostles, the brothers Cyril and Methodius, born in the city of Salonika (today Thessalonika).

The invasions of the Tatars from 1241 to 1243 compounded the human and material losses.Following the invasion, the king of Hungary was calling in German colonists.

Matthew Csák
In 1301 the first ruling dynasty of the Kingdom, the "Árpáds" died out.From the late 1290s, Matthew Csák the self-titled "Lord of the Váh and the Tatras" controlled most of the territories of present-day Slovakia, from his seat at Trenčín.He was defeat in 1312, at the Battle of Rozhanovce (Rozgony) by Anjou Charles Robert the new Hungarian king.He died in 1321 in Trenčín.
1465 - Matthias Corvinus founds Academia Istropolitana, the first university in Slovakia
1526 - The catastrophic defeat of the Hungarian armies from Suleiman I in the Battle of Mohács
1711 - Juraj Janosik leaves the royal army and starts looting rich Hungarians
1740 - Maria Terezia is crowned in Bratislava

In 1787 Anton Bernolak canonise the first Slovak literary language.Ludovit Stur reformed this language in the following century.
1918 - Following World War I, Czechoslovakia is formed out of a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
1939 - Slovakia is declared an independent state
1945 - The Soviet Red Army liberates Czechoslovakia from Nazi control

On January 1, 1993,Slovakia splits from the Czech Republic and becomes an independent state

Slovakia joined NATO on March 29, 2004 and the EU on May 1 2004
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