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Caves In Slovakia
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Caves in Slovak Republic In this composition, I would like to tell something more about our nature, especially about caves, which we can see only in some countries in the world. There are 4300 caves in Slovakia and 14 of them are available to the public. Some of them are stalactite and stalagmite caves, the others are icicles caves. In Slovakia we have got also some have vertical sections known as 'meanders', where ropes and ladders are used for, which are called 'potholes´. But do you know that there is also one aragonite cave in Slovakia? Yes, it is true. It is called The Ochtinská aragonite cave. It is very important cave, because there are only two other caves of this type in the world. Some other very famous cave is Dobšinská ice cave. Dobšinská ice cave belongs to the biggest caves in Europe. The longest cave in the country is Demänová stalactite cave in the Low Tatras with length of 33,01 km.

Two Slovak karst cave systems – Slovenský kras – Agtelekský kras and Dobšinská ice cave are listed in UNESCO the World Nature Heritage. But what is a cave? A Cave is an underground space formed with water activity in limestone rock. In my opinion is one of the most beautiful caves Belianska cave, which is situated near the High Tatras. I was there before two years and it has been experience for all my life. It is 1750m long, but only 1300m is open for public. There are many halls in this cave. You can also see there waterfalls and stalagmites . The second cave, where I was, is Driny. This cave is situated near Trnava in a beautiful scenery of mountains, which are called Malé Karpaty. The symbol of this cave is stalactite formation. It suggests ears of an elephant.
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