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Service is an act of a helpful activity, supplying of utilities or commodities as water, electricity, gas, etc. required or demanded by the public, as maintenance and repair, supplying of public communication and transportation, as telephone service, bus service, postal service..., occupation and employment as a waiter and servant.

is the performance of any duties or work for another, helpful or professional activity as medical services, something made or done by a commercial organization for the public benefit...

Postal services . Post offices offer a wide range of services in all towns and most villages. Most of them are open  Monday to Saturday.

At a post office counter we can make a use of a number of postal facilities. The sale of stamps is one of the most frequent. In Britain when the post office is closed, stamps can be obtained from stamp machines outside the post office. Stamped stationary includes: post cards and letter cards. For air mail , air letter forms are sold. Letters and cards may be sent by two classes of service, known as First class and Second class. The class of letter is determined by the amount of postage paid. Registered letters / cenne listy/ require postage and additional fee to cover insurance and the sender is given a certificate of posting. It is mostly used for sending important documents as well as valuable items. Recorded delivery /doporucena posta/  is based on a receipt on posting and another one obtained from the addressee on delivery. It is cheaper than registered post. Postal and money orders are a cheap and easy way of sending money through post office. The postal order must be filled in , stating the name of recipient and the sender`s name.

Post office can serve as a savings bank and you can deposit and withdraw money at any post office in the country if you have an account there.

Postmen deliver letters all over the country almost every day and parcels are delivered separately  by post office vans.

In the past telecommunications were the part of the Post Office services but today they are the separate corporation. Telephone calls comprise: local calls, trunk calls and international calls. All of them are dialed direct these days. Several specialized services are available by telephone: emergency dialing service, police, ambulance and fire brigade services. There are telephone kiosks /boxes/ in streets, shops and public building, for use by the public. To make a call you must have money /coins/ ready. Lift the heandset and listen for dial tone. Slot the money,   and  dial the code and number you want to call. Listen for ringing tone.. To continue the call, insert more money. At the end of the call replace the handset.

Services 2

Services are activities performed by other people or machines for us.

Provide services- poskytovat sluzby
Render sb a service- poskytnut niekomu sluzbu
Offer one`s services to customers
Door-to-door service - donaskova sluzba
Commercial services - komercne sluzby
Advisory service/ counseling - poradenska sluzba
Mail-order service - zasielkova sluzba
Community care/service - opatrovatelska sluzba
Alpine rescue service - horska sluzba
Car service
Gardening services
Community services, municipal services, public utilities / verejne sluzby

Health service -  National Health  Service provides medical and dental care for everyone who pays a fixed amount of money to the Health Insurance Company. Every person has a free choice of his practitioner, dentist etc. Hospital and special services cover all forms of hospital investigation and treatment for both in-patients and out-patients.

Ambulance services provide transport to and from hospital. The work of ambulance service is emergency work dealing with sudden illness, urgent maternity cases, and accidents of all kinds.

Funeral undertaking- pohrebna sluzba, call the undertakers- zavolat pohr. Sluzbu

Passenger service-  buses, coaches, underground system, railways, airports, ports, taxis..

Maintenance - keeping houses, flats...home/ , businesses running smoothly with the help of maintenance and repair services. The services are performed by a network of providers, employing licensed and qualified technical experts.

General repair, doors and locks, windows, kitchen and bath, lighting

Heat and air - heating system installation, heat system repair, heating system tune-up, heating services for businesses... air conditioning installation, repair, tune up, air conditioning services for businesses.

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