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A letter
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Dear Kelly,

How are you? I´m in Bratislava with my cousin Amy and her brother Jack is here, too. We´re having a really great time in this beautiful city.
We´re staying in the Hotel Tatra. Our room has got three beds, a bathroom and a TV with a satellite. We´ve got an absolutely fantastic outlook over the castle. The servants are always at hand. Slovak man are bigger gentlemen like ours in England! When I told it to Peter he left me with an angry look on his face... He returned to me with a big bunch of flowers in his hands. What do you think?
The weather is brilliant. Every day has been hot and sunny. The food in Slovakia id delicious, but we hadn´t tried "Bryndzove halusky" yet.
Since Tuesday we have visited some very interesting museums and we have done lots of shopping. We spent some hours in the big shopping centre called Aupark. Peter invited me to the cinema there. I spilled my cola on his T-shirt, when it was a horror starting. I´ll have got an absolutely stressful experiences from this holiday...
So let me talk about tomorrow. We´re planning a trip to the ZOO. Of course, we´re going to the UFO- it´s a restaurant high up the Dunaj and it looks like an extra-terrestrial boat.
I´ll call you on Sunday evening.
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