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Bubuka, a hero from Poland:)
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Hello, my name is Bubuka and I´m from Poland. My language skills are good, but my IQ isn´t very high. I don´t feel very embarrassed about it. Everybody must be different!

Last summer I decided to go to America. I have never been there, so I wanted to experience an exciting adventure.

My story started in New York. I was walking along the streets and I was wandering among gigantic buildings. I thought all the world is mine. I´ve never felt like this before. My face looked like a big sun with a broad happy smile on it. I´ve decided to be a hero and save people´s life. You´ll never guess what happened later. God gave me a chance to be a Superman!

On a hot Suturday morning I was walking along the street. There were people sitting in cafés, speaking and drinking. Suddenly, I heard a lot of voice coming from a café. A young man was running out with a purse in his hand. A woman was shouting for a help. She had beautiful white teeth and she looked very sexy with frightened eyes on her face.

I fell in love in a minute, so I had to help her. I was running after the thief. I jumped over a high red wall and then I caught him. It was very easy, becouse the thief fell over in the grass. I thought he couldn´t continue in running becouse he was exhausted.

While he didn´t move, I sat on him with a victorious smile on my backward face... I felt very pleased, but no for a long time. I heard angry voices behind my catch.
I turned around and I saw a film director and cameras. I have never seen the film makers alive, so I was very excited. They explained me they were making a film and I had ruined it. I didn´t understand what were they talking about, so they left me as quickly as they could.

The woman I loved had disappeared too, so I went back home.

I have decided never go out of home again. Why should I go among people who don´t accept me?!
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