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Services - Quiz Questions
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A/ Which service would you call in case of:

1)disaster recovery?
2)installing a new heating/air conditioning system?
3)making your household safe from burglary?
4)getting lost on a mountain trekking trip?
5)having a broken car?
6)some of your relatives passing away?
7)having your sewing system broken?
8)travelling on a budget holiday?
9)suffering from a serious disease?
10)getting locked out of your house?
11)having minor electrical problems in your household?
12)wanting your household to be clean and tidy?
13)wanting some food to be delivered to your place?
14)urgent need for dental care?
15)urgent need for someone taking care of your child/relative?

B/ What is service in general? Give a definition in terms of supplying commodities or rendering public services.

C/ Postal services: what services are you offered at:

1)a post office counter?
2)at a postal savings bank?
3)at the telecommunications office?
4)How can letters and cards be sent?
5)How can you send money through post office?


1) What special telephone calls are available in case of emergency?
2) How do you operate a public pay phone?
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