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My Grandmother
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My Grandmother is very active for her age. She is 82 years old. My granny lives with me, my brother, my sister and my parents. We live in a family house in Presov. She is very generous and tolerant. Sometimes is she selfish but another times is she helpful.

She has grey curly hair and blue eyes. Now she is quite small. People are shocked when she says: ˝I am 82 years old.˝ People cannot believe it. She likes talking with people. She is very sociable. My grandmother does not like animals. I do not know why. She loves children, small children. She is good grandmother.

My granny is very popular with neighbours because she made dresses for people. Sometimes argues she with me and my mum. She likes talk-shows and TV news. When she sees some drunken young people in TV, she says: ˝In this days are people bad. Only wars and drugs. No love and peace. It is very bad.˝

My grandmother cooks very well. I like her food. Everyone, who has ever eaten her food, is fortunated. I like my grandmother. She is the best granny in the world. Really!
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