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Bullying in school
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“All of this happened 2 years ago, when my mum got a very good offer for a job in another town. This meant we had to move towns. I was very excited. I hoped I can make new friends, explore new places, new adventures……
I was mean to be going to a very good school so I thought in a good school the people must be friendly, but after one day in this school I realised how wrong I was to thought that.

On my first at school all the boys took my stuff and were throwing in between each other, but this was not the worst think what happened to me. Later on, they started to take my pocket money, if I did not have any at my, they waited for me in the park after school or on the toilette…. They never did wait for me in places where they could get caught by a teacher or an adult.
After couple of weeks, I started to come home full of bruises in a thorn close.
It was so horrible….”

After reading this story, people could think this a story for a movie. However, it is not true. This story is from a real life told by 14-year-old Jack, which had to experienced this during his teenage years. Although this was a horrible story it finished with “happy ending”. In a present time, many teenagers have problems with bulling and not as many as we wished end up like Jack.
How can we recognise bulling at school?
-The child is very afraid to go to school.
-The child is returning in thorn close and full of bruises
-The marks at school are not as good as they used to be
-The child does not seam to have any friends
How can we recognised the bully = the child whose is bulling others
-His behaviour is very aggressive
-He has a lot of friends
-He is bringing a lot of money from school, which he took from his school friends
-He is coming home very late
A bully is usually a only child in the family with lots of money from its parents but
not a lot off attention.
I hope this would never happen to me or to my friends.
There is many help out there for victims of bulling….
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