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Ernest Hemingway- The Old Man and The Sea

Ernest Hemihgway - The Old Man and the Sea

Ernest Hemingway is one of the greatest American authors of over time. He was born the son of a doctor in Chicago suburb in 1899, and was educated at public schools. When he was young man he showed a talent for writing. At the age of sixteen he became a junior reporter for Kansas newspaper. His journalistic carer was interrupted by the first World War. After the war he stayed in Europe. He was working as a foreign correspondent for Toronto newspaper. He was in Spain during the Civil War of working as a foreign correspondent. Than he went to Cuba and died in 1961.

In 1954 Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, following the publication of The Old Man and the Sea.

The Old Man and the Sea is the story about a poor old fisherman, called Santiago. Everyday he was fishing in the Gulf Stream. He had his own skiff the gear and the wooden box. There were the brown lines, the graff and the harpoon. Santiago an alone person because his wife died however he had one good friend. Manolin was small boy who was fishing with Santiago. They were fishing together for forty days but they did not catch any fish. After this forty days without a fish the boys parents had told him that the old man is definitely and finally salao. Salao is the worst form of unlucky. Boy had to gone on another boat where he caught three good fish. After a forty days when Manolin went to another boat Santiago did not catch any fish and he came home without fish, the boy was very sad. He went to help him with skiff, sometimes he invited Santiago to bear or he bought him sardines. During the time they were together they talked about baseball.

Santiago believed that his luck will change. He wanted to catch one big fish, so he took his skiff out much further into the sea than usual. Santiago ventures far into the Gulf Stream. He noticed the creatures around him however he had good relationship with the sea and its creatures. He thought that sea is a human entity. After he caught some small fish, he noticed that fish was pulling one of his lines. From his experiences he knew, that fish had to be a giant Marlin. He hooked the fish but he did not know how to pull it. Instead, the fish began to pulled his skiff. He did not to tied the line to skiff because he knew that the fish broke the line down, so he held it by himself. Santiago was very tired and hungry because he did not eat much. He hated the giant Marlin but at another side he loved him and talked to the fish. Santiago cramped the line into all his tension. He wanted victory and some remind for himself. Finally, on third day he managed to pull the giant Marlin close to his boat and he killed him with harpoon.

The Marlin was huge and longer than Santiago skiff so he tied him to one side from skiff. After an hour Santiago realized first shark. The shark detected the blood from the Marlin and followed the skiff. This shark took Santiago harpoon, rope and bit big piece off Marlin. Than came more sharks. Santiago fought with them but it was impossible because darkness felt. Sharks scoffed the Marlin and left only skeleton of the fish.

When Santiago came back to beach he went straight to his shag and collapsed on his bed. Next morning some amazed fishermen looked around the giant fish. Manolin, who had been worried of the old man, went to his shag and found Santiago in his bed. When the old man woke up, he and Manolin agreed to fish together. Lot of tourists observed around the giant Marlin and thought that it is a shark.

Main characters:

Santiago- He was an old Cuban fisherman who after a ran of bad luck, hooked a giant Marlin, but the sharks attacked the fish and reduced it to a skeleton. Santiago loved the nature and he had respect after the giant Marlin. He was very old and his face and body showed the signs of age but in inside Santiago was very young. When he came to fishing he was perfectionist however his precise methods did not make him to be successful. Santiago wanted to be unique.

Manolin- He was small boy who loved Santiago and he helped to him. Manolin took care after old man. They were together fishing and Manolin was educated by old man. He showed him his methods of fishing and told everything what Manolin needed to be successful. He liked baseball as much as Santiago.


This short poetic novel about one fisherman which was written by Ernest Hemingway has very strong idea: A Man can be destroyed but not defeated.

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