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Essay - Dracula
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Why do people read mystery books? They are not real, so why?
My book will seam to be fiction at the first sight, but in real it's a fact.
What comes to your mind when you hear the name Dracula? Some people say: Dracula is the king of vampires. Maybe yes. The legend says that Count Dracula lived in Transylvania.

Many books about Dracula were written. The best and most popular of all is the book by Bram Stoker, full name Abraham Stoker. The whole story is written in the form of a diary. There are four people who write their diaries.
Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray, Lucy Westenr and Jack Seward.
All these people are influenced by Count Dracula somehow.

The main character is Count Dracula. He is a man with mysterious behariour – he can climb walls, control people, wolves and nature. He can transform too. He is very clever, powerfull. He likes to talk about his family. He lived in a castel called Carfax, but he wanted to buy a house in England.
Jonathan Harker is a young lawyer at an estute agency. He came to the castel of Count Dracula with contract. Who he arrived, he was not Dracula quest, he became a prison. He life was in danger. Jonathan tried to kill Dracula but he failed. Count Dracula locket Jonathan in the castel. He went to England alone. He used a boat where there was only him and a driver under his spell. When they came to England he transformed in to a dog, so nobady recognizes him. When he made himself at home, he got to new his neighbour. Doctor Jack Seward, his daughter Lucy Westenr. She was very beautiful. Many men fell in love with her. At last night Dracula bit Lucy and in the morning she found a red wounds on her neck. She grew weaker and weaker.

Her father called doctor Abraham Van Helsing, but he couldn´t save her. She died. In spite her death vampire news kept multiplying. Death children were founded near Lucy’s tomb. Van Helsing came back again and he had a shadow of doubt that Lucy has become a vampire. They verified this fact and than they pushed wooden stick through her heart, decapitated her and so they have saved her soul.

When Jonathan successful get out Cartfax, he quickly arrive in England that oneself meeting the Van Helsing.

Jonathan met Van Helsing and told him everything about Carfax and Count Dracula. They carefully prepared for Dracula’s murder. But he was cleverer. He left England and traveled back home by ship. But before he had left he bitted Mina. They had to follow him if they want to save Mina’s soul. Bitten Mina dreamt about Dracula’s present at night. Probably he had the same ability. Jonathan and Van Helsing tried to catch him on his way again and again but he was always quicker than they were. They had to hurry because Mina began to change to vampire. Transformation was almost done when they caught his carriage. They killed Dracula. The long teeth, the unnatural colour of Mina’s skin, the strange look in her eye – they were not there now. She was real Mina again. Her soul was saved.

“Vampires cannot die of old age,” he said. “They continue to live. They drink blood, and turn other people into vampires. She has already attacked those little children, but they will not suffer. But often people give their blood and than learn to love vampire. They will become vampires after they die. …

”But there is a way to save their souls. We can save them from a life of evil and an afterlife of endless punishment.” He pointed to the long, sharp piece of wood. “It is a wonderful thing to save a soul.”

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