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About the Police
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About the police

When I was a little child I thought the police are particular race whose makes a boring world more interesting.

The people made the jokes about the police. I thought the police is a man whose IQ is under 80 (the average is about one hundred).
We can see two policeman walking in the street because the first of them knows to learn, the second knows to write. They help each other.
When the dog walks with policemen it is the most intelligent part of the team. If we say „sit down"-the dog sits but the policeman stand up.. I was about twelve and I saw the films in the TV about police work I changed my opinion. In these films the policemen were heroic. They are chasing criminals in fast cars with flashing lights and wailing sirens. They save the lives of innocent people. I think it was a part of children life when I and many my boyfriends were impressed by it and we wanted became a police.

I grew up and I know the policeman is in danger every day and risks his life day by day. But maybe it is true that some of policemen is feeble-minded e.g. I don’t know why the police bought lighter to his only three years old child ( in our shop ) or when he stopped the car and controls the lights, direction indicator he says: „ It’s good, It’s wrong, It’s good, It’s wrong".
The Police in own country is more backward then in any states. They have a special cars with marks: P o l í c i a. The policemen have some weapons : truncheon, handcuffs and some of them have gun and radio, too. Some teams of policemen are helped by the special trained dogs. Sniffer dogs are used by police and custom officers all over the world to detect drugs and explosives. Dogs have far better sense of smell than people because the smell receptors at the top of a dog’s nose are 100 times longer than in humans.
Training for a sniffer dogs lasts 12 weeks. They are trained in two stages. First, the trainer teaches the dog to recognise a particular drug or explosive. He hides a sample of the drug or explosive or a rag, which is called a training aid. He places it where the dog can see it and tells the dog to bring the aid back. When it does so, he gives the dog a reward - usually a friendly fight with the trainer or a bone. The dog soon learns to recognise the substance by it’s smell. The type of training aid is changed regularly but the smell always remains the same. In the second stage, the aid is hidden where the dog cannot see it.
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