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1. History

The predecessor of UniBanka, a. s., Poľnobanka, a. s., was founded under the name Slovenská poľnohospodárska banka (SPB), ú. s., Bratislava in 1990. Its founding shareholders were Slovenská poisťovňa, a. s., Bratislava, agricultural cooperatives
and organisations of the then Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition of the SR, foodstuff enterprises, and natural entities citizens. Poľnobanka was the first private bank in Slovakia.

In 1996 two Italian financial groups, UniCredito, S. p. A., and Finest, S. p. A., entered the bank with their capital and each of the groups acquired a 7.5% share in the registered capital of the bank.

In November 2000, the Italian financial and banking group UniCredito Italiano, S. p. A., Milano (UCI) acquired a majority share in the bank. The entry of this financial group into Poľnobanka, a. s. represented the conclusion of the process of the capital and shareholding restructuring of the bank.

The banks shareholders decided, at their annual general meeting on January 21st, 2002 to change the business name of the bank to - UniBanka, a. s. The new business name, not only expressed the universal character of the bank, but also expressed its affiliation to the banking group: UniCredito Italiano Group.

2. Goals

The main goal of the bank is its profitability, to which all its activities are directed. Unibanka, a. s. enters the Slovak bank market with new, clearly-defined goals and ambitions. The main goal is to take a position within the top three of the most effective banks in Slovakia. This goal is to be achieved by intensification of its activities and overcoming of all limitations with which Poľnobanka, a. s., its forerunner, had struggled.

First of all, UniBanka is not a bank restricted to any particular sector. It is a universal financial institution, which also finds its expression in the first part of its business name. The purpose of the new business name is to attract a new and wide ranging clientage who have considered the bank as mostly agriculture and food industry bank so far.

Last but not least, UniBanka, a. s. is backed by a huge pillar a prominent and highly prosperous Italian and international finance group UniCredito Italiano Group (UCI), of which it has become a part. The bank is not forced to experiment and to spend excessive funds for its activities because it is backed by the top know-how and strong capital background of the UCI. UniBanka wants to be a consumer friendly, flexible and innovative bank.

3. Shareholders and outlets

The capital stock of UniBanka, a. s. is 1,672,062,050 SKK. Its majority holder, with a share of 72.39 percent of shares, is UniCredito Italiano, S. p. A. The second majority shareholder with a share of 19.9 percent is European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Ministry of Agriculture of SR holds the shares of 1.59 percent, followed by other smaller shareholders.

There are 69 outlets of UniBanka open in Slovakia 10 branches and 59 sub-branches and smaller workplaces. The aim of their restructuring is to achieve the optimal utilisation of capacities and resources. This, in particular, means gradually increasing
the volume of primary resources of UniBanka, a. s. from citizens from the current 10 billion SKK to more than 25 billion. The rationalised network should include 10 branches in the most important regions and 50 sub-branches. Apart from traditional banking, the bank will develop methods of electronic banking and utilise non-banking sales instruments.
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